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AICI (Association of Indians in Construction Industry) is completing 25 year of its glorious service to New York City’s construction industry. There is not a single reputable major construction-related Company which is not manned by skilled professional Indians in Metropolitan New York City. All these years, AICI had been a premier source of tapping top-notch Project Managers, Estimators, consultants, reputable Contractors and Sub-Contractors. AICI had also been a platform for ‘Networking’, for Indian professionals, most of whom are University Graduates. The members of this Organization have been prized employees everywhere so much so that hardly anyone in its long history had been unemployed more than couple of months.

Like every year this year also, 400-plus suited, booted, professionals from all walks of construction industry will gather for AICI’s annual “Diwali” lavish Dinner (“Diwali” is ‘Festival of Lights’ – a manifestation for removing all ignorance, darkness, unpleasantness from Life – sort of Hindu Christmas) in a spectacular Ball-Room at one of the exclusive Hotel like ‘Hyatt Regency”. This Black-tie affair, for years now has become one of the most eagerly awaited events by our industry. The event provides everyone an opportunity to meet old friends they rarely get to see during the year, reestablish professional relations, get to know new sub-contractors or Architects which could be of benefit in near future. Although AICI started as an Indian community-based Organization, the Indians at this event have been consistently out numbered by 2 to 1 by main stream Americans (or non-Indians, for lack of better word) for 15 years in a row. This support and patronage that AICI and its members have received from Construction Companies is not only a splendid example of recognition of their talent and thorough professionalism, but also, signify the bond that has been forged between the Industry and Indian professionals. I would contribute the success of AICI in every sphere it interacts to the team work of its members and absence of hierarchy. Is this what the founding members of Organization, like us had set out to do 25 yrs back? The unequivocal answer to it is – not by a long shot. In that case, how did this all came about?

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